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Okay, so if you've heard about Yosemite National Park in California (Caly as they likes to call it out there) but never been, I just cannot and will not say it enough times in this here little blog...IT IS MASSIVE. I just could not stop staring at the granite masses. Look at the picture and notice how little that 400 foot waterfall looks compared to the formations. All I could say was "Yikesemite it's massive!" as we made the turn and finally saw what you see in the photo. They just suddently appear out of nowhere and the poor driver (usually me) has to keep a close eye on the winding 2 laner lest you become a statistic quick. I mean they are just so massive!
If you like wildlife, pine trees, birds, elk, bears, deer, squirrels, chipmunks, rivers, waterfalls, hiking, climbing, holy cal just plain LIVING you need to get in to Yosemite first chance you get. I must confess, it was a little too crowded for me, but still so worth the trip. If you get lucky, like me and my daughter were, you can jump off one of the bridges in to the 50 degree Merced River before you realize there is a sign that says you can't. And by the way, I was there for a few days and you need to give yourself a month to scratch the surface.

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