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Okay, so if you've heard about Yosemite National Park in California (Caly as they likes to call it out there) but never been, I just cannot and will not say it enough times in this here little blog...IT IS MASSIVE. I just could not stop staring at the granite masses. Look at the picture and notice how little that 400 foot waterfall looks compared to the formations. All I could say was "Yikesemite it's massive!" as we made the turn and finally saw what you see in the photo. They just suddently appear out of nowhere and the poor driver (usually me) has to keep a close eye on the winding 2 laner lest you become a statistic quick. I mean they are just so massive!
If you like wildlife, pine trees, birds, elk, bears, deer, squirrels, chipmunks, rivers, waterfalls, hiking, climbing, holy cal just plain LIVING you need to get in to Yosemite first chance you get. I must confess, it was a little too crowded for me, but still so worth the trip. If you get lucky, like me and my daughter were, you can jump off one of the bridges in to the 50 degree Merced River before you realize there is a sign that says you can't. And by the way, I was there for a few days and you need to give yourself a month to scratch the surface.

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Have you ever imagined ocean water with a blue hue so incredible you could not describe it? Have you ever dreamed of jumping in to the ocean from crazy heights? You can see and do both when you travel to the Southern Most point of the United States, South Point, Hawaii, located on the Big Island. The words FUN and HIGH HEART RATE quickly come to mind when I recall my day there last summer. The toilet bowl (seen in the photo top right) was undeniably the scariest feat to try. The water filled in as the ocean flowed in and out. It was like jumping from the cliffs in Acapulco, although I've never done that. You had to time the jump when the hole aka bowl was refilling or you might end up mangled on a large rock. The descent was about 40 feet and once you hit the water you would be carried out through a tunnel-like exit out to the ocean. If a 40 foot plunge sounds girlish (no offense to you ladies), just step on out to the cliffs for a tantalizing 50 foot dash to 73 degree blue like you've never seen. (photo-top left) No worries about hitting bottom because it's about 60 feet below you as you enter. Did I mention the water is so clear you don't need goggles? An amazing thing about the point is there is a current that forms right at the tip of the point. Huge waves crash on the southeast side of the cliffs and the current flows out about 7 miles. You can clearly see the current because is makes a line in the ocean. I'm told if you are kayaking and get caught in it, it's moving so fast you just have to ride it out for those 7 miles. Sounds like fun, except paddling back into the wind. A must mention, as cool as this place is, it's no tourist trap. In fact, if you don't know about it, you'd drive right past it. You've got to check it out. Air temp: 80, water temp 73...paradise.

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Last summer I was fortunate enough to travel with my family to the stunning Big Island of Hawaii where I discovered that it's not nearly as humid there as I had feared and that the black sand beaches of Waimea are amazing. And yes, they really are black. The photo over to the right was taken near one of the numerous (to say the least) trails you could hike in the valley. I think they were trying to warn us that the trek could be tricky. I loved the steep hike down and the beautiful waterfall fed river that met the North Shore. And the wonderful thing about it is that the beach was EMPTY...in June! You could spend hours there in solitude listening to the majestic waves one after the other. Water temperature about 74, air temperature about 76. Ahhhhh, just awesome. If you are lucky enough to find your way to the Big Island it's an easy drive to Waimea from just about any point on the island. The small town of Waimea is on the north end of the island just 45 minutes from coastal Kona. It is a scenic village at an elevation of 2600 feet above sea level, which allows the town to stay cool. When I visited in June it was 64 degrees as we rolled in to town; very refreshing. Oh and an added bonus to the hiking were all the fresh mangos just laying all over the place on the trails.

Don't go to the Big Island and not spend a day or two at Waimea.

Happy Trails!

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If you've checked the "About Your Host" section of my blog you might have noticed I mentioned I'm named after the fictional Hollywood Radio & TV character Sky King. And while I am not from Montana, as Big Sky might suggest, the actor who portrayed Sky King, Kirby Grant, hailed from Butte, Montana. Now you will begin to learn after a while that I am a trivia buff and so naturally after learning I was named after an aviation hero I set out to learn as much as I could about the show. That's where the fun began. "From out of the clear blue of the Western sky . . .comes Sky King!

You see, after airing on the radio in 1947 the series shifted to the new medium of television in the '50's. Specifically, Sky King premiered on Sunday afternoons in 1951 aimed at it's kid's following. The show gained such popularity that ultimately it moved to prime time television with ABC on the red-letter date in history...September 21, 1953.

And so what's so important about this whole date thing? Glad you asked. Simply, I was born on September 21st, just not in 1953, that's for sure! And no, my parents didn't name me after Sky King because I was born on September 21st. They loved the show and watched it every week, but they had no idea until about 10 years ago this little know fact.

So fate would have it, I am Sky King. "From out of the clear blue of the Western sky . . .comes Sky King!

Until next time, Skyman out.

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My good buddy, Pro Beach Volleyball legend Adam "AJ" Johnson, recently moved to the Austin, TX area from Laguna Beach, California to start a new indoor club for girls ages 12-18. When he arrived he told me all of his girls will be working "on the beach" because it will elevate their game exponentially. I suppose when you've teamed with Karch Kiraly to form one of the winningst teams in Pro Beach history you know what you are talking about. Case in point, The University of Nebraska women's team recently built an indoor beach court, 'cuz it's a bit too chilly to practice outside. Their success indoors is well documented, a perenial top 3 club in the middle of the USA with no scenic ocean to enjoy.

Well Adam was all over it from the get go. The NCAA just announced women's beach ball will be an officially sanctioned sport. The NCAA Division I Legislative Council added sand volleyball to the list of emerging sports for women, it was announced in April, clearing the way for schools to use the sport toward minimum sponsorship requirements and minimum financial aid awards. “The opportunity to play sand volleyball in the spring will spur growth in the sport. I wish I had that opportunity when I was at Stanford!” said 2008 Olympic Beach Gold Medalist, Kerri Walsh. “Additionally, this development will give more women an opportunity for a professional volleyball career in the United States."The NCAA will spend the next year developing the rules that will govern sand volleyball as a collegiate sport, including regulations on financial aid, playing dates and recruiting. Institutions will be able to sponsor varsity programs starting in the 2010-2011 academic year.

Now, more than ever, young ladies can begin to prepare themselves for a chance to play collegiately, with two options in mind, all while getting to enjoy the great outdoors (and indoors too). Let me just say that if you have a daughter, that would like to enjoy a fantastic sport, which teaches teamwork, unselfishness and gets you in phenominal condition, may I heartily endorse my good friend Adam. You can check out his site for details: www.ajvc.net.

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This is what we live for; to be outside doing just about anything. If you've ever found yourself thinking or saying this, this site is for you. You will find all sorts of trinkets here from weather, to storm chasing, to adventure travel to scenic getaways to sports. This is not TRANQUIL; this is LIVING! So get on board and let's GET OUTSIDE already.