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Posted by Big Sky Country on 2:24 PM

Have you ever imagined ocean water with a blue hue so incredible you could not describe it? Have you ever dreamed of jumping in to the ocean from crazy heights? You can see and do both when you travel to the Southern Most point of the United States, South Point, Hawaii, located on the Big Island. The words FUN and HIGH HEART RATE quickly come to mind when I recall my day there last summer. The toilet bowl (seen in the photo top right) was undeniably the scariest feat to try. The water filled in as the ocean flowed in and out. It was like jumping from the cliffs in Acapulco, although I've never done that. You had to time the jump when the hole aka bowl was refilling or you might end up mangled on a large rock. The descent was about 40 feet and once you hit the water you would be carried out through a tunnel-like exit out to the ocean. If a 40 foot plunge sounds girlish (no offense to you ladies), just step on out to the cliffs for a tantalizing 50 foot dash to 73 degree blue like you've never seen. (photo-top left) No worries about hitting bottom because it's about 60 feet below you as you enter. Did I mention the water is so clear you don't need goggles? An amazing thing about the point is there is a current that forms right at the tip of the point. Huge waves crash on the southeast side of the cliffs and the current flows out about 7 miles. You can clearly see the current because is makes a line in the ocean. I'm told if you are kayaking and get caught in it, it's moving so fast you just have to ride it out for those 7 miles. Sounds like fun, except paddling back into the wind. A must mention, as cool as this place is, it's no tourist trap. In fact, if you don't know about it, you'd drive right past it. You've got to check it out. Air temp: 80, water temp 73...paradise.

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