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Posted by Big Sky Country on 9:23 AM

My good buddy, Pro Beach Volleyball legend Adam "AJ" Johnson, recently moved to the Austin, TX area from Laguna Beach, California to start a new indoor club for girls ages 12-18. When he arrived he told me all of his girls will be working "on the beach" because it will elevate their game exponentially. I suppose when you've teamed with Karch Kiraly to form one of the winningst teams in Pro Beach history you know what you are talking about. Case in point, The University of Nebraska women's team recently built an indoor beach court, 'cuz it's a bit too chilly to practice outside. Their success indoors is well documented, a perenial top 3 club in the middle of the USA with no scenic ocean to enjoy.

Well Adam was all over it from the get go. The NCAA just announced women's beach ball will be an officially sanctioned sport. The NCAA Division I Legislative Council added sand volleyball to the list of emerging sports for women, it was announced in April, clearing the way for schools to use the sport toward minimum sponsorship requirements and minimum financial aid awards. “The opportunity to play sand volleyball in the spring will spur growth in the sport. I wish I had that opportunity when I was at Stanford!” said 2008 Olympic Beach Gold Medalist, Kerri Walsh. “Additionally, this development will give more women an opportunity for a professional volleyball career in the United States."The NCAA will spend the next year developing the rules that will govern sand volleyball as a collegiate sport, including regulations on financial aid, playing dates and recruiting. Institutions will be able to sponsor varsity programs starting in the 2010-2011 academic year.

Now, more than ever, young ladies can begin to prepare themselves for a chance to play collegiately, with two options in mind, all while getting to enjoy the great outdoors (and indoors too). Let me just say that if you have a daughter, that would like to enjoy a fantastic sport, which teaches teamwork, unselfishness and gets you in phenominal condition, may I heartily endorse my good friend Adam. You can check out his site for details: www.ajvc.net.

See you OUTSIDE!