Which TV show do you like the best?

Posted by Big Sky Country on 3:47 AM

If you've checked the "About Your Host" section of my blog you might have noticed I mentioned I'm named after the fictional Hollywood Radio & TV character Sky King. And while I am not from Montana, as Big Sky might suggest, the actor who portrayed Sky King, Kirby Grant, hailed from Butte, Montana. Now you will begin to learn after a while that I am a trivia buff and so naturally after learning I was named after an aviation hero I set out to learn as much as I could about the show. That's where the fun began. "From out of the clear blue of the Western sky . . .comes Sky King!

You see, after airing on the radio in 1947 the series shifted to the new medium of television in the '50's. Specifically, Sky King premiered on Sunday afternoons in 1951 aimed at it's kid's following. The show gained such popularity that ultimately it moved to prime time television with ABC on the red-letter date in history...September 21, 1953.

And so what's so important about this whole date thing? Glad you asked. Simply, I was born on September 21st, just not in 1953, that's for sure! And no, my parents didn't name me after Sky King because I was born on September 21st. They loved the show and watched it every week, but they had no idea until about 10 years ago this little know fact.

So fate would have it, I am Sky King. "From out of the clear blue of the Western sky . . .comes Sky King!

Until next time, Skyman out.